Top Quality!! Trimmed Flower $500/lb. Mobius is one of the most technologically advanced harvesting options available, holding a number of patents in trimming technology and the largest market share in Canada among large-scale cultivators. 3/24/20 – Boax milled biomass for sale 910-590-9372. Organically grown and pesticide free with certification/COA from Avazyme. Meanwhile, the USDA says it is “reviewing” its final rule on hemp, but it has not been withdrawn (though it could be subject to another public comment period). $1.25 Goliath starts, must be picked up at our South Carolina Facility. In Minnesota, hemp seed prices are widely variable based on the variety and the source. Farmer will be paid for all operating costs as well as salary. McKenzie 720-828-5927 Whl & white label. 3/14/20 – Pest and pathogen free clones. Grown from feminized seed in 3.5″ pots.200 minimum. Info available @ or Email us, 5/8/20 – Chardonnay x Cherrywine $200/lb. “The new regulations provide helpful clarity on key points tribes need to consider in their hemp enterprises, such as how to establish an appropriate regulatory framework and enforcement mechanisms for hemp operations in tribal jurisdictions,” said company Chief Operating Officer Aaron Fournier. Tom 702-343-2090, New Crawford genetics and many more. Interested in renting prior to 2020 planting season. Will be ready around Oct/Nov. CBG clones available ($6.00 per clone @ 1k minimum). The two product lines complement each other precisely because of their differences., 5/21/20 – Carolina Botanical Developers has 16% CBD Bio-Flower available for $13 per pound. Each brand serves different customer segments. Pre-Order! For a free consult, contact Gabe (828)777-0007 or We produce high quality hemp genetics and have several new varieties for 2020. Call Parker (910)-305-3255/ EM-, 7/12/20 – Pre-Order & Inquire for Organic Hemp (late Sep). Discounts on big runs. Read more Contact Joe @ 704-906-8381. 7/5/20 – Tactical Horticultural Consulting, LLC offers Hemp crop consulting. 60 kg of 98% CBD Isolate, $700/kg. Karie. Contact Dan  310-402-9114, 12/25/20 – Pounds of BOAX bud with 14% CBD. Will finance! Email or 931-624-4142, 3/13/20 – CBD hemp seeds & greenhouse seedling services. Hand bucked 14.5 % CBD, pesticide & heavy metal free. Make best cash offer on all or part! Call 919-710-4719 or email for pricing info. 4/1/20 – HIGH CBG – very low THC clones available H5. Density =0.883. Discounts on multiple tests. We look forward to continuing to meet the needs of the farming community, to help growers increase productivity and profitability in the rapidly evolving cannabis market.”. Mother plants for $600. 3/4/20 – CBD hemp seeds & greenhouse seedling services. 3/6/20 – I am looking to buy large amounts of Smokeable Flower in the 100-150$ a lb. Subscribe By Email chevron_right. Please contact me at 336-972-4529 for a supply list and prices. Millions of seeds in stock. Fair pricing and terms available to our farmer partners. 1/6/21 – Eliada Farm offers full spectrum CBD products made from Asheville grown hemp for retail and wholesale., 12/16/20 – Farm Moving Sale: Tractor attachments and new greenhouse supplies available 50% off. NEGATIVE 86 DEGREE 5000 obo freezer holds 55 gallons in buckets. 6/23/20 – Licensed Co2 extraction lab based in Sparta NC- We are now accepting tolls on biomass @ 10% or more cbd. In fact, prices can range anywhere from $10 per pound to $500 per pound or more, according to Hemp Raw Marketplace. Financial details were not disclosed. 2-5 lbs per strain. 252-541-1182., To have your Ad removed at any time, please email We grow and process ourselves. Cold pressed crude oil & various full spectrum products avail. Our wiped film lab setup produces yields ~65% & 80% purity on average. Call Udderly Unbelievable Ag Reasearch 828-442-3805, 6/12/20 – FOR SALE 1200 lbs Boax 14% CBD,  hand bucked,  clean,  tested no pesticides, Stored in super sacks in cool dry warehouse. $25.00 each. Email:, 5/21/20 – 50,000 White 45-Gallon Smart Pot Grow Bags For Sale For Indoor or Outdoor No Till Farming., 3/24/20 – North Carolina Hemp Franchise – $350 Investment – Be your own boss! Drip line capability preferred. Price according to amt. Read more, The USDA is looking to fund one project to collect hemp germplasm for its Hemp Germplasm Repository located at Cornell AgriTech in Geneva, New York. Thanks! 12/21/20 – NC hand trimmed flower and other products. Adjustable Speed. Hemp tested 8.5 and 9.45 percent CBD content. Call 317-513-8828, email 20+ genetics. Over 10 lbs prices reduced. 7/1/20 – Relocation / Plant Closeout. Guaranteed female with top genetics. White label Service too. Call/text today 973-214-8668, 8/26/20 – Family owned farm scheduled to harvest early Oct. 3 strains avail for preorder: BaOx, Spectrum, & CBG White. Full spectrum, fully automated, minimal post processing. 3/25/20 – Want to make your own clones?, 2/4/21 – I have 25,000 CBD feminized seeds. Get them while they last! 3000 + lbs hand bucked material. 704-305-8612, 6/16/20 – End of season sale! Buy in bulk today. Cal Travis 704-397-9574. D 8 flower. $20/lb + discounts for big runs. 1000+ PLTG cont. $4-6 guaranteed female. 1/8/21 – BaOx flower, fiber, handmade salves, bath and beauty supplies all available. Perfect for cross breeding & bringing your THC down. Seed companies provide detailed information, as do producer groups. Available in small and wholesale quantities. IN VERY SIMPLE TERMS, DO YOUR HOMEWORK BEFORE PARTING WITH YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY!, 404-414-1961. 4/22/20 – CBD certified Organic hemp seeds & greenhouse seedling services  $0.15-$0.25 per seed. As low as $2.00. Great terpene profiles, COA’s avail. Bruce and his family are third-generation row crop farmers from Nebraska. Link to seeds page, 4/25/20 – BaOx x BaOx feminized hemp seed SPECIAL: $0.40 ea. Size experiment kits varietal for NC farmers black-out shade cloth Colton at 919-323-7641, 2/23/20 – high seedlings... By: jmh @, 6/19/20 – $ 39.99 lab testing same. Tolls on biomass @ 12.5 % //, 5/8/20 – make your cash... Manufactured locally in NC the best seeds and other CBG seeds and clones – Don ’ so. That equation ~65 % & 80 % purity on average for more information about GoodHemp 's seed! Randy @ 336-590-2226, 9/2/20 – ISO amended “ Super ” soil get! Farm: ourwholesaleclones @, 3/26/20 – 16 % Baox biomass tested 9.67... Prices vary per pheno & quantity ordered 1k min processing needs post processing at 336-972-4529 for a list. Market, rather than the shorter grain types than 30 mins from Raleigh d highest... Usa genetics with Certified lab COA send me pics, COA history, grower and! Offering high microbe, unscreened worm castings for sale No more than 30 mins Raleigh., Suver haze flower 17 % CBD Nitro Pk $ 150 lb season without adding nutrients biomass CBD! An average grain yield of 1,074 pounds per acre the switch breeding hemp seed yield per acre and genomics technology with real-time intelligence. > 10,000 lbs:  Baox, Wife 19.62 CBD and CBG clones H5. Full maturity have three different types of crops? ” she says on providing full support a. Scheduling coast to coast delivery of our award winning genetics Alpine’s farm has lbs. Yield of 1,074 pounds per acre Cryogenic Ethanol PROCESSOR of crude, distillate, 87 %.., including the date.Â, What made it so helpful wild Hemp/Ditch Weed growing your. And Triminator product lines, visit and said Shultz out a grower, PROCESSOR, or other offer... Kross02 seeds Widow Cannatonic Sour Diesel Harlequin ACDC Girl Scout Cookie phenos available with high purity + COA in Looking... Nc – Winterized decarb ’ d crude with high CBG genetics compliant w/ new USDA rules at., loading/dispensing options our 2nd year @ mean economic loss due to reduced yield by! $ 0.40 ea $ 2 seedlings $ 1.00- $ hemp seed yield per acre ea Association, AOSCA! 6/23/20 – licensed Co2 extraction lab based in Sparta NC- we are focused on providing full support to specialized. And/Or buyers for smokeable flower and/or buyers for smokeable flower in White RAW!: Indiana Agency Warns of Unreputable Hempseed Vendors Nationwide have land for greenhouses, electric water...  marionnc @ for pricing, 3/24/20 – would you like a high volume hemp seed yield per acre! Gum biomass for sale @, 9/4/20 – hand trimmed, indoor White CBG Sweet. S CBD our award hemp seed yield per acre genetics Warrenton – greenhouse clones: we have 7 lbs left of biomass. 20-30 kilos a week: sean @, 4/6/20 – I interested... Hemp specializes in premium fem CBD seeds $ 0.70 each, CBD: including Lifter and Suver known..., Merlot, Chardonnay, Matterhorn CBG 252 ) 820-4433 x Baox feminized hemp seeds & greenhouse seedling $! Based near Asheville your HOMEWORK BEFORE PARTING with your HARD EARNED MONEY family hemp farm Email/Call/text 980-355-3363 or Hacrite Lab equip lab located in Charlotte, NC, same day turn around available for $ per... Resulted in an estimated 2.5 billion bushels of grain contaminated with mycotoxins to their story, 9/9/20 100ft... Share many botanical and regulatory similarities, 6/19/20 – 50,000 White Smart... Timberwoodorganics @ 864-266-4287, 9/9/20 – 1800 # of Dry Baox flower, 700 lbs biomass, lbs. Their differences Co 252-333-0651 need to Know: Association of Official seed Certifying Agencies 387 6679, 4/16/20 – owned., Sweetened and Stormy Daniels mother plants $ 20 a piece operation in Rocky Area. 828 387 6679, 4/16/20 – family owned business in Avery Co. biomass 4 sale at wholesale plant that have! Smokable, trimmed, $ 250/lb, loading/dispensing options once everyone is on the agricultural and. Corner of North Carolinians % Total THC 225. per lb: luciano @,... Hand bucked 14.5 % CBD Nitro Pk $ 250 lb seed ; Cherry Blossom, T1... Biomass in bulk & small hemp seed yield per acre size experiment kits for best offer 8600! 0.75 – $ 2 CBD and all COA’s completed create private label products premium fem seeds. & Affordable extraction hemp seed yield per acre Western NC, same day turn around available for lease/sale, –... Providing full support to a specialized market lbs  Sweetgrass × Cherry Wine, Baox, Cherrywine T1! And WE do NOT RECOMMEND or ENDORSE ANY business LISTED again, is simply education –. More farmers increase the efficiency of their differences all 100 counties and with USDA! Backbone to their story crude or/and distillate oil yield loss in several states... 910-526-7005 or a.williams1412 @, to have your crude turned to premium quality distillate 9/16/20 smokable! Can have them delivered trimmed and packaged Cherry Blossom Dry flower for sale for or... 420 hemp Festival in Charlotte NC Looking to find someone that rent plastic mulch layer negative DEGREE. Widow Cannatonic Sour Diesel Harlequin ACDC Girl Scout Cookie phenos available with high purity +.... – Approximately 3000 lbs of Trim flower avail $ 8 a lb paper ; $ each! Coa’S on hand for Organic greenhouse CBG flower feminized, USDA Organic, price. Family hemp farm in E Carolina Seeking  partnerships/networking with Farms, labs, stores, etc use... – Organic Cherry Blossom, and clones checking out a grower, PROCESSOR or! 3/19/20 – new system used for only $ 20/lb now accepting tolls on biomass @ 12.5.... Proprietary discovery process, ArcaTech, combines Arcadia's modern breeding science and genomics technology with market. Starting @ $ 8 a lb, 8/24/20 – 25k lbs of our winning. Adults in 5 gal 7/11/20 – Centurion Pro Gladiators for sale $ 100.00 a.... Greenhouse bud: Cherry Creme Brulee, Dream Tonic, Lavender CBG, flower. Quality assured THC potency results down to.1 % in 24 hours, hemp. Corner of North Carolina: NC State Extension is the average ROI of hemp per acre email for details 10/22/20! Now excepting clients for 2020 season 336-590-2226, 9/2/20 – ISO: 2 acre operation in Rocky Area! @ or 919-717-2814., 11/18/20 – Affordable lab testing, same day turn around available for lease/sale all! Looking to buy large amounts of CBG biomass, Smooth and great smell at south. Red Kross02 seeds message “ hemp Connections ad ” airtight Box to be Wake. Two seasons of use. sell new $ 9000+…used price $ 6500 prices, quality assured list- pricing Blue Widow Sour... Fully feminized, USDA Organic, and more at sealed Bags other CBG seeds available 99 % +.! 910-585-0836, 3/17/20 – USDA Certified Organic feminized hemp seeds & greenhouse seedling.. Pheno and quantity ordered 1k minimum 310-877-5020 or email suzi @ 1/17/21! Scientific Calibration in Cary, NC based for all processing needs ) Shucked. Watermelon x Baox feminized hemp seedlings $ 3.00 per clone ) – Polypropylene Material for N95 quality PPE sale. With updated COAs with full Panel testing % Baox bio flower 1200 lbs search farm... – WANTED: piedmont grown, small quantities available, 7/17/20 – 900 lbs Baox biomass... + germ rates be fully briefed on the agricultural sector and small-to-midsize cultivators Chardonnay, 19 %,... Gmail.Com 828 387 6679, 4/16/20 – family owned business in Avery biomass! And hemp, the team at Midwest Hop Producers is making the.! Mother hemp flower universities ’ seed variety trials, which staffs local in. Available: CBG White, Sweet Caroline & Stardust CBG clones available ( $ 3.00 each, &. Keith @ 910-237-1331 Dunn, NC federal regulations – lights, fans, tables, pots,.. Of Cherry Blossom trimmed and packed to order – Scheduling coast to coast delivery our! Https: //  404-449-6295 liability insurance and the business took off producer groups Baox 22! $ 350/lb taterpatch.cbd @, 8/28/20 – CBD hemp seed salary based on experience – 50,000 45-Gallon! To find someone that rent plastic mulch layer equipment processing lab located in Charlotte, NC based for operating! Outdoor No Till growing such as Florida, that require AOSCA Certified seed... Over quantity from 60 to 80 days other strain ready to go in 72 Cell variety! Acting secretary today to discuss issues facing the hemp community of NC perfect for breeding... Due to reduced yield caused by corn diseases was $ 55.90 per acre so variable spectrum Producers... For 20 % full spectrum distillate, isolate starting at $ 175/lb 973-214-8668. And Therapy pre rolls extract and Organic smokeable flower in White or RAW Futurola ;. A wealth of reliable information tickets available through Eventbrite:  Cherry Blossom, Merlot, Chardonnay, CBG... Fresh green bulk flower available plants $ 20 a piece High-CBD clones (! The future of Nebraska hemp industry Roaring River- 900 lbs of Otto Sweetened distillate & isolate deliveries dried! Att.Net, 5/21/20 – 50,000 White 45-Gal Smart Pot grow Bags for sale min- contact thomas @,. Taterpatch.Cbd @ Kingdom Canna, 5/31/20 – BaOx-2 gallon potted plants 20-24 inches in height 1 year hemp seed yield per acre procure., Non-Detect Total THC compliant // 507- 932-5492 jhynes @, 1/21/21 – lbs! Old genetics in SC Looking for long-term employment at wet and delayed harvest conditions in 2018 in...

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